Jeff Kincaid Insurance: Important Things to Know About Buying Car Insurance

Buying auto insurance may seem like a simple thing to do. While certain minor issues may arise, the process is made easier and more affordable when you know all about what you are getting into. Here are some important things you may have not previously known about buying Hickory NC car insurance.


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Jeff Kincaid Insurance: Things to Know When Purchasing Boat Insurance

Boat insurance works a bit differently than auto insurance as there are some areas that need to be understood by boat owners. Before taking your boat out to sea, there are some important things to know about the details involving its insurance


Jeff Kincaid Insurance in Hickory NC is well versed in the finer points of boating insurance. Finding the best coverage for your boat is our top priority, one that will give boat owners the protection and peace of mind they deserve

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Jeff Kincaid Insurance: 5 Factors That Affect Life Insurance

Sooner or later, purchasing a life insurance policy becomes an essentiality for everyone. There are several factors that can affect your life insurance policy and it’s important to know which areas underwriters will look into.


There is a noticeable difference in Hickory North Carolina life insurance rates between smokers and non-smokers. It is also important to note that insurance companies include contestability clauses which can dispute claims because of fraud or misrepresentation. That is why it is important to be forthright when disclosing information about smoking.

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JK Insurance: The Benefits of Workers Compensation Insurance for Small Business Owners

Small businesses are not exempt from obtaining workers compensation insurance. This is a means of protection for both the business and its employees. Here’s a look at the benefits small business owners can expect when they purchase workers compensation insurance from JK Insurance Hickory.

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Jeff Kincaid Insurance: Why Small Business Owners Need Insurance Coverage

Small business owners often have a lot on their plates and too many times there is not enough room for insurance. That is a mistake in so many ways because no business is completely exempt from any unexpected damages. Those damages are also capable of happening in a variety of ways. If some kind of event takes place to disrupt your business, no matter where it is located, there needs to be a way to protect the business. This is where business interruption insurance steps in to help.